A Holistic Approach to Cancer

This is really interesting to me: A Holistic Approach to Cancer

My dad is finally healing from the surgery he had to remove a large tumor on his colon. Now, we begin to think about his cancer and what he will do about it.  He is pretty weak and chemotherapy seems so archaic to me. The colon cancer has already spread to the liver and is pretty advanced.  We will not be sure how advanced until he sees an oncologist in the next couple weeks after he is strong enough to get out of the current hospital and go to a skilled nursing facility.

I subscribe to the holistic model of care for myself and my family wholeheartedly.  My dad may not…  I would love to get him eating bone broth, sauerkraut juice, raw milk kefir, and lots of butter.  All he craves right now is sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  Tumors love sugar…


One response to “A Holistic Approach to Cancer

  1. Food Matters have another day of 10 free interviews online (from Food Matters Mastery). One of them is by Charlotte Gerson, a super 90 year old lady whose father was a pioneer in the area of cancer recovery. Take a look! – Victoria

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