Coffee enemas, infrared saunas, grain-free diets, OH MY!

We finished my homemade Near Infrared Sauna! I am supposed to sit in front of it up to 30 minutes a day for detox while my system clears the toxic metals from my body. Things like the sauna and the daily coffee enemas are performed to help speed the detox process up so I can function better.

I have not remembered my dreams regularly for as long as I can remember. I started daily coffee enemas about a month ago, and the last week, I have been remembering so many dreams so vividly. Not remembering dreams is a sign of zinc deficiency, so maybe things are working themselves out!

I still haven’t gotten the results of my hair mineral analysis. My friend laughed at me about all this this morning at breakfast. I know I’m different. But I also know what I have to say and my journey toward great health is important to those who are also seeking knowledge.

Do you encounter snickers from friends when you share details of your diet or your non-traditional methods of attaining health?



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