I’m always searching and always looking to better myself. I used to think what I had to say wasn’t important. I usually have a lot to say when I believe in something, but I figured no one would want to hear it.

After attending the 3 courses in the curriculum for living with Landmark Education, I realized that my voice and my journey is important and needs to be shared. I declared myself the possibility of being an inspiring and inspired authentic leader, and I remind myself that I am that possibility often. I actually say it to myself out loud when I start to feel scared or nervous.

Anyway, in the spirit of leadership, inspiration for myself and others, and authenticity, I signed up for B-School with Marie Forleo. It starts on March 11 and I’m really excited about the fresh ideas and actions I’ll be taking to create something bigger than myself.

If you could create any business, what would it be?


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